MÖVE Fahrzeugsitze GmbH in Mühlhausen looks back with pride and gratitude on a success story lasting more than 20 years.

What started out two decades ago as a small independent company in a multi-purpose fire service building and a lorry garage complex is now a medium-sized company with a 40-strong workforce that operates throughout Europe and across the globe.

MÖVE Fahrzeugsitze GmbH Mühlhausen was borne from the traditional company MÖVE GmbH Mühlhausen, formerly VEB MÖVE-Werk Mühlhausen and before that the company Gustav Walter & Co. and later the company Thüringer Maschinen- und MÖVE-Fahrradfabrik.

Today, products for the vehicle industry are still developed, produced and sold at the Mühlhausen site under the logo and name MÖVE that was registered for the first time in 1897.

MÖVE Fahrzeugsitze GmbH still pursues one of its original strategies, i.e. supplying and selling small volumes of seat solutions to a wide group of customers, and not just supplying large quantities of series products to a few customers. This strategy is continuously expanded, and all available resources are identified and used for this purpose. It is experience and competence that have made MÖVE Fahrzeugsitze GmbH a respected partner for vehicle seat solutions.

The company MÖVE Fahrzeugsitze GmbH and its workforce identify with the history of MÖVE and are committed to the traditional MÖVE plant. Since it was founded in 1994, it has worked specifically on turning the MÖVE label into a global brand.

The general management and the employees at MÖVE Fahrzeugsitze GmbH are both honoured and committed to successfully continuing the MÖVE tradition at the Mühlhausen location for the benefit of our customers.

This is the yardstick for our actions.