The founding stone of MÖVE today: Foundation of the company Gustav Walter & Co. and soon afterwards the company started to manufacture bicycles and registered the ‘MÖVE’ brand.


The 500,000 bicycle is manufactured.


The 1,000,000 bicycle is manufactured.


End of bicycle production after approximately 1,250,000 bikes. Gradually, vehicle accessories such as steering linkages and brake pressure hoses are manufactured. In the middle of the 1960s the MÖVE suspension seat is developed as the first centrally suspended and shock-absorbed driver’s seat; it is manufactured in series in various models for all GDR commercial vehicles up to 1989.


Lutz Bomberg and Jochen Schulze come up with a concept for continuing production of the seats by MÖVE GmbH and then buy the company from the trust.


In February, the company MÖVE SPORTSCRAFT Fahrzeugsitze GmbH is registered with the Local Court in Mühlhausen. The partners and managing directors are Peter Bartl from Munich, Lutz Bomberg and Jochen Schulze from Mühlhausen.

Production of seats started on 1st March on the Schadeberg grounds in the former garage complex, fire service annex and the administrative building.

First deliveries are sent to the companies IKARUS in Hungary, Jelcz in Poland, LIAZ and TATRA in The Czech Republic, Robur in the German town of Zittau and various omnibus companies. In October we presented ourselves to an interested public for the first time at the “aaa`94” in Berlin. Series production of benches for a small van by the company Hyundai Deutschland started at the end of the year.


We are able to expand series production to include pneumatic seat bases for Ssangyoung Korea, and take part in an exhibition in Birmingham, Great Britain.


In September we were certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 by DEKRA and we participated at the AMI exhibition in Leipzig and the IAA in Hanover.


We were an exhibitor at the Automechanika in Beijing.


In July Mr Bartl left the company; Jochen Schulze and Lutz Bomberg remain equal sole partners and managing directors. On 1st September, the company name was changed to its current name ‘MÖVE Fahrzeugsitze GmbH’.

This year we bought the neighbouring plot of land from the town of Mühlhausen, including the former heating building and transformer station. The poor condition of the building meant it needed to be completely restored; work on converting the heating building into a new central warehouse began in the period between November 1998 and February 1999.


On 1st March we celebrated our 5th anniversary. Like the previous year, we also participated as an exhibitor at the AMI in Leipzig.

In October the 2nd building phase was completed and the transformer station became the new assembly hall.

At the end of the year the production hall including the welding shop was converted.


In 2000, we became a training company offering industrial clerk and industrial mechanic apprenticeships.


We started supplying driver’s seats and head rests to Siemens AG Krefeld for the DESIRO UK SWT, FGE trains in England. Deliveries of driver’s seats and crew chairs for the locomotives BR 146 and BR 185 were sent in December.


In April we founded MÖVE PKW-Sitze GmbH as a purchasing and sales company and 100% subsidiary of the MÖVE Fahrzeugsitze GmbH. The company managed the sales of car seats for TH!NK in Norway.

In May we concluded a new contract with Siemens AG München for the delivery of driver’s seats and crew chairs for the locomotives of the series BR 189. A further highlight this year was the punctual delivery of a total of 1700 pneumatic crew seats for MB and IVECO lorries.


In 2003, we were certified again to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000.

As a result of the local construction work, our address changed to Gustav-Walter-Straße 5 in memory of the former founder of the company Gustav Walter & Co. The entire workforce helped in our spring cleaning project to restore the grounds after the roadworks.

A further part of the restoration and reconstruction work was completed in March. Work on the sanitary facilities, cloakroom, break room, empties warehouse, car park, roads, fencing around the perimeter of the grounds and repairs to the façade of the production building was completed.

And business was also going well. In 2003 we started shipping driver’s seats directly to China for the underground train ‘Metro Guangzhou II’ and later driver’s seats for the ‘Metro Shanghai’ and ‘Metro Shenzhen’ underground trains.


On 1st March we celebrated our 10th anniversary.

In September 2004 the company MÖVE PKW-Sitze GmbH was merged with the parent company and our technical capacity was expanded. After the merger we were able to implement 3D designs with SolidWorks.

In this year we developed and manufactured driver’s and passenger seats for military vehicles including the ‘Mungo’ vehicle.


This year we expanded our production facility with on-going contracts and modernised the 1st floor of the administration building.


We received a permit to weld rail vehicle parts according to DIN 6700-2 and we developed and manufactured special seats for special military vehicles and various simulators starting in 2006.


In September we were certified to the GOST standard for the Russian market. This was followed by the delivery for the SIEMENS’ ‘Velaro RU300’ project.

We were also able to enter the market for Bombardier and the company Alstom in France. We started three projects, including the REGIOLIS project, which involved significant new development work with respect to components and parts.

We also increased deliveries of seats and seat bases, especially for the difficult conditions in Norway and Denmark.


In addition to successful certification and fulfilment of the requirements according to the welding standard DIN EN 15085-2 with certification level CL2, we also celebrated our 15th anniversary on 1st March 2009.

In parallel, we also underwent certification according to the rail standard IRIS revision 01/2007, and were certified by DEKRA.

In this year we also manufactured 1700 driver’s and passenger seats for the electrical small vehicle by TH!NK produced in Finland.

In October we were appointed Q1 supplier to Deutsche Bahn confirming that we satisfy the highest quality standards for rail vehicle products.

In November we started work on developing a driver’s seat with a control panel, control elements and all cables as a ready-to-install system unit for trams.

At the end of the year, Jochen Schulze retired as partner and managing director, but remained on hand in an advisory capacity.


At the beginning of the year, Silvio Bomberg took over the free shares and became new partner and managing director. Work also continued on the reconstruction and expansion of the production hall, and a new extension was erected.

In March we concluded a skeleton agreement with Bombadier Vienna for the production and delivery of driver’s seats for tram projects of the series ‘Flexity II’. We worked with the local company Karosseriewerk Ostermann to jointly develop and manufacture seats for various mining vehicles.


 Starting in 2011, we manufactured driver’s seats for the DESIRO RUS based on a skeleton agreement with Siemens. In April we entered into business relations with Bombardier England in Derby. We developed and supplied driver’s seats for various regional train projects to this company.

The football game with our partner Dick&Dick GmbH was great fun, and our bitter defeat was quickly forgotten during the subsequent barbecue.

This year contracts were also concluded with Bombardier North America, Canada at the site in Thunder Bay for the development and production of the driver’s seat for the ‘TTC LERV’ tram in Toronto. At the end of the year skeleton agreements were concluded with SIEMENS for the production and delivery of driver’s seats for the Velaro Eurostar, and with Bombadier Australia for the production and delivery of driver’s seats for the tram in Melbourne.

At the end of the year we expanded our warehouse to include an incoming goods area and installed two new office containers.


In March we produced driver’s and passenger seats for 50 prototype vehicles of the Deutsche Post for the electrical vehicle manufacturer StreetScooter in Aachen. We also received an order from ALSTOM for the delivery of driver’s seats for the KZ8A in Kazakhstan.

In April of this year we were nominated for the Supplier Award ‘Our Stars for Rail Systems’ and were awarded the title ‘Outstanding Supplier’ by SIEMENS. In June we renewed our certification for the rail standard IRIS Revision 02/2009.

In August we concluded a further contract with Bombadier North America for the delivery of driver’s seats for the ‘Metrolinx’ tram and later with Siemens and Bombadier for the delivery of driver’s and passenger seats for the ICX.


In April we started manufacturing driver’s seats for STADLER for the ‘Flirt New Generation’ and ‘Regio Shuttle’ projects. This was followed by the contract with Siemens for the delivery of driver’s and passenger seats for the ‘Sotschi Olympia City’ project.

In November we came up with new plans and ideas for expanding and modernising the welding shop. The goal is to increase the capacity and improve working conditions.

In December we manufactured and delivered driver’s seats for SIEMENS’ ‘Thameslink’ project.


At the beginning of the year we manufactured seats again for the upper cabs of mobile cranes for the company MATEC in Döbeln.

On 28th February we celebrated our 20th anniversary.

Expansion work on the central warehouse was carried out because the existing warehouse capacities for finished goods, packaging materials, foam parts and empties were no longer adequate. The extension expanded the storage space by approx. 180 m2 . The project was completed by fitting out the warehouse with racks and storage containers.


 The company’s 20 years of success on the national and international markets and the positive business results were honoured when the managing director, partner and founding father of the company was nominated ‘Businessman of the year 2015’.

 An investment volume of 400,000 € was invested in the ‘extension of the welding shop’ in the 1st six months of 2015. This expanded the spatial capacity of the former welding shop and made a significant improvement to the working conditions of the welders. This was further underscored by the installation and commissioning of a central extraction system and the procurement of modern welding devices and equipment.

In addition, the depot was overhauled and more parking spaces for the employees were created by moving the entrance to the company grounds to the northern side of the site.


 The company MÖVE Fahrzeugsitze GmbH is committed to sustainable management because it is important to the general management to conserve the environment and preserve natural resources. The company supports the Thuringia Sustainability Agreement. It committed to this Agreement because sustainability is viewed as a holistic principle which is pursued in all social, technological and economic aspect of the company.

We made a first delivery of driver’s and passenger seats to the company HITACHI Rail from Japan.

The commercial director was voted a member of the plenary assembly of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Erfurt and represents the interests of the business community of the Unstrut-Hainich group and Eichsfeld district in electoral group I.