If necessary, the MÖVE seats can be equipped with various accessories.

Mechanical: Thanks to a mechanical arching mechanism inside the backrest, the contour can be steplessly adjusted by hand to the user’s required setting. It is operated by means of a hand wheel that is attached either on the left or the right of the backrest. Depending on the configuration, the adjustment range (with or without fire blocker; fire protection requirement) lies between 10-20mm.

Pneumatic: There is an air cushion with three chambers arranged under the padding of the backrest that adapts the contour of the backrest to the user’s requirements depending on the air filling. The air is supplied via a button with a pressure limiter that is attached to the seat cushion. Depending on the configuration, the adjustment range (with or without fire blocker; fire protection requirement) lies between 20-30 mm.

Clothes hanger

If necessary, the seats are equipped with a clothes hanger attached to the rear side of the backrest. These can be supplied with a black powder coating or in a blue chromated version.

Seat heating

The backrest and seat cushion heating are operated with 12 or 24 Volt DC voltage. There is an installed thermostat to prevent overheating. The heating is activated via a switch attached either to the right or left of the seat cushion.

Seat length adjustment

The rails of the seat length adjustment are arranged below the seat upper part. The total adjustment path is 190 mm (+160/-30 mm) or 160 mm (+100/-60 mm), in steps of 10 mm respectively. Lifting the activation lever located in front of the seat cushion releases the length setting locks on both sides of the seat. Locking is automatic after the handle is released. At the customer’s request, the setting ranges can be limited in steps of 10mm.

Safety belts

Three-point automatic roll belt: MÖVE seats can be equipped with tested 3-point belt systems for personnel safety. The integrated 3-point belt systems on the driver’s seat offer a very large belt capacity of 2,200mm in a very small installation space. The large number of straight position sensors always allows space-saving installation and absolute ergonomics and safety in the different installation situations of the ALR (Automatic Locking Retractor) winding mechanisms. The belt manufacturer’s modular system allows us to configure the safety belt individually using existing components, thereby ensuring more safety and flexibility for our customers.

Two-point belt: The 2-point belt systems used on MÖVE seats are designed completely to our customers’ requirements. Simple static belts and also automatic belts with ALR (Automatic Locking Retractor) winding mechanisms can be used. This means that MÖVE seats offer the greatest possible range of safety solutions for special application cases. A typical lap belt can be extended from 900 – 1,400mm; longer belts are possible in special solutions. Depending on the application field and belt configuration, ALR retractors can be used in full size or also in a mini model.

Special belts: MÖVE seats can also be equipped with special solutions, e.g. 4-point or 5-point belts. Optionally, with a central lock or with standard belt locks. It should be noted that the shoulder belts of 4-point belts with standard belt locks are sewn to the lap belts. Depending on customer requirements, the two shoulder belts can be equipped with adjustable static belts and with ELR or ALR winding mechanisms. The two lap belts (right and left) are adjustable static belts.

Swivel units

Standard with Delrin ring: The swivel unit is positioned above the seat base. It allows swivelling in a range of ±176°. On request, the swivelling range in both directions can be limited in steps of 15°. The locking position affixes the seat in a force-fitting manner in the driving direction. This locking position can be released by means of a powerful jolt.

Special model with ball bearing: MÖVE supplies a swivel unit for special application cases, for instance trams, that is positioned below the seat base; this unit also has a central opening for cables and is permanently locked in the driving position. It can be unlocked for swivelling via a release lever positioned either at the front, on the left or the right. Standard swivel ranges are +90° or +120° optionally, to the left or right. Other areas can be examined and configured on request.

Comfort models, integrated into the tube adapter (deep groove ball bearing) MÖVE supplies a swivel unit that is highly durable and easy to move in cases where seats are subject to higher usage, for instance in regional networks with more stations and where it is necessary to climb up and down on the seat. This technical version is integrated in a tube adapter below the seat, and has two inner ball bearings. In the driving position, the swivel unit clicks into position to prevent it from becoming released accidentally when the vehicle is moving. This locking position is released by means of a powerful jolt. The swivel range can be adapted to customers’ specifications. The standard setting range is ±176°.