MÖVE vehicle seats can be supplemented with a wide range of different adapter variants.

Dimensions and functions of the adapters are coordinated with the manufacturers of the rail vehicles. This component is the connection between the vehicle floor and the seat.

Adapter, rigid

Tube adapters form the MÖVE standard. These can be manufactured in any specified construction height. The hole patterns for the vehicle base are selected as standard for the typical rail format 180x220mm. Vehicle-specific hole patterns are also possible.

Adapter, swivelling

If standing mode is specified, swivel-mounted adapters with heights between 242 and 340mm and swivel ranges of 160 to 260mm can be used based on the parallelogram principle. Optionally, they are unlocked via a foot pedal attached at the front or via a release level at the side. According to the regulations, the swivel-mounted adapters are force-locked in the most rear position, and swivel back to the front in the driving position after a gas spring-supported unlocking device is pressed.

Adapter – swivelling

MÖVE supplies adapters with an integrated swivel unit that is highly durable and easy to move in cases where seats are subject to higher usage, for instance in regional networks with more stations and where it is necessary to climb up and down on the seat. This technical model has two inside ball bearings. In the driving position, the swivel unit clicks into position to prevent it from becoming released accidentally when the vehicle is moving. This locking position is released by means of a powerful jolt. The swivel range can be adapted to customers’ specifications. The standard setting range is ±176°

Adapter box

If necessary, adapter boxes with lockable flaps can also be tendered as adapters. The electrical connection to the vehicle is realised in these adapter boxes, or they serve as extra storage space for various additional equipment, such as rescue ladders or lamps. Construction height and hole patterns are agreed and implemented with the customer.

Special models

Special solutions based on customer specifications cab also be technically assessed and tendered.