The MÖVE pneumatic module model 760.06 was developed for the driver’s seat as a cost-effective component to significantly improve comfort behind the wheel.

The good experience gained with the use of pneumatic systems in driver’s seats in buses and lorries were incorporated into this product. The air supply is controlled by a small compressor integrated into the module; the seat height and hardness are set individually by means of button. Air suspension and dual-action hydraulic shock absorbers ensure fatigue-free driving.

The pneumatic module comes with assembly instructions and part expertise. The rigid adapter box installed below the driver’s seat in the vehicle ex-works is replaced by the conversion kit. Because the connection dimensions on the vehicle floor are the same size, even the original attachment screws can be used again.

The same also applies to the assembly of the original upper seat part including the length adjuster and belt lock.

MÖVE pneumatic modules are tested with respect to the belt anchoring and are suitable for use in vehicles with passenger vehicle approval (vehicle class M1). All the mechanics in the suspension system are surrounded with a rubber collar to prevent any risk of injury.