MÖVE single seats are designed for use in:

  • Small vans, e.g. as conference vehicle
  • Motorcaravans
  • Special vehicles used by e.g. the fire service, THW, the police and customs
  • Security vans
  • Workshop vans

MÖVE single seats are permanently attached to the floor of the vehicle and have been tested according to the anchoring of the seat belts in vehicles no. 76/115/EEC dated 18.12.1975 including all amendments up to and including no. 96/38/EC dated 18.03.1997 and with respect to seats, their anchoring attachments and head rests according to no. 74/408/EEC dated 12.08.1974 including all amendments up to no. 96/37/EG dated 31.08.1996, and have also been approved for vehicle class M1 (passenger vehicles).